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The Barter Blog

"Pay What You Can" Performances Make A Difference

May 01, 2015

Marshall Jones is an active eight-year-old Abingdon boy who has just received a new kidney, a kidney he has been waiting on for four long years.

“Battling medical costs, we are trying not to lose all our family fun outings,” says Tina Foster-Jones, Marshall’s mother. “Having ‘pay what you can’ shows are a blessing to our family.”

The “pay what you can” program lets anyone come see the first performance of Barter resident company productions for whatever he or she can afford to pay. This option, many times, allows entire families to be able to share in the experience of watching a story unfold on stage.

In the past, Marshall’s family had regularly attended Barter productions. “But when hospital bills started stacking up, buying tickets for three children and two adults became just a little too cumbersome,” said Tina. “It is important to me that the arts are a part of my children’s lives.” And that is when Tina found out about Barter Theatre’s “pay what you can” performances.

“It has helped our family immensely,” says Tina, “It means I do not have to worry about my children missing the opportunity to see performing arts.”

Attending performances at Barter Theatre and Barter Stage II are not the only ways Tina and her family participate in Barter activities. Twin girls Kyndall and Jyll are enrolled in Barter Youth Academy (BYA) for the second year in a row. Marshall, who received a scholarship to attend BYA classes in 2014, hopes to rejoin the program later this year.

Since returning home from Charlottesville, Va. after his transplant, Marshall has received good reports from all his doctors and is expected to make a full recovery. Everyone in the Barter family sends best wishes to Marshall and his family as they enjoy this new chapter in their lives.