Available Positions

Production Assistant

Under the supervision of the Stage Manager (SM) and the Assistant Stage Manager (ASM).

Rehearsal responsibilities:

-help tape out set

-sweep and mop floor as needed

-set props/scenery

-help create/maintain accurate prop presets, run sheets, spike lists, and entrance/exit documents

-help choreograph set changes

-assist actors with costume pieces

-maintain cleanliness of rehearsal spaces

-notate line notes and send out line note documents

-maintain the master script with all line changes

-maintain an up to date PA script with all entrances, exits, props, and set pieces

-any other duties deemed necessary by the SM

-be on book

Tech and performance responsibilities:

-direct supervision of the deck crew and their duties (unless ASM is assigned to the show)

-transfer and maintain spike marks at the theatre

-assist in preshow responsibilities (sweeping, mopping, setting props, etc)

-run crew

-maintain a safe, clean, and quiet backstage area

-relay all notes about set, props, safety, facilities, etc. to SM

-change over the set under supervision of the Stage Carpenter (will include climbing ladders, lifting over 50 pounds, working late at night)

-help shut down the theatre after performances

-any other duties deemed necessary by the SM

Other responsibilities:

-work in other departments if needed

-assist the stage management department in the day to day running of the theatre

Other requirements:

-ability to problem solve

-work well with others in stressful situations

-positive attitude

-proficient in Microsoft Word/Excel

-ability to lift 50 pounds

-work in dimly lit areas

-strong interest in stage management

This job entails working 6 days a week, including evenings. It may start as early as 8:00am and go as late as 1:00am the following day.

Cover letters and resumes should be sent to: dirofproduction@bartertheatre.comandstagemgt@bartertheatre.com