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The Barter Players

On Tour

Each January through March The Barter Players tour the East Coast with high energy and original productions that capture the imagination, intelligence and sophistication of today's youth while providing the best in classic literature and beloved story adaptation.

The Barter Players Touring Schedule 2019

The Princess and the Pea


adapted from Hans Christian Andersen by Catherine Bush

Bandits have come to rob the kingdom. The only hope lies with Prince Harold, who must wed before he can be crowned king. But Harold is more interested in wrestling than girls – even when a beautiful maiden claiming to be Princess Marigold appears at the castle. Determined to stay single, Harold devises a way to test Marigold’s qualifications using a garden pea and a stack of mattresses. Can Marigold pass the test? Will the kingdom be saved? A fun twist on a classic fairy tale

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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer


Adapted from Mark Twain by Catherine Bush

Whether it’s fishing with Huckleberry Finn, or convincing his friends to whitewash Aunt Polly’s fence, nobody loves life more than the irascible Tom Sawyer. Then one night in a spooky graveyard, Tom and Huck stumble upon a deadly secret. Will they be able to save Muff Potter from the treacherous Injun Joe before it’s too late? Join Tom and Huck on the most exciting adventure of their lives, where they learn that man’s greatest treasure is the gift of friendship.

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The Scarlet Letter


Adapted from Nathaniel Hawthorne by Catherine Bush

For her crime, Hester Prynne has been sentenced to wear the scarlet letter ‘A’ for the remainder of her life. But someone in the town of Boston is as guilty as she, and Hester’s husband Chillingworth is determined to find out who it is. Share with your students this faithful adaptation of one of America’s most famous and moving stories.

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More Information

All of our productions are built to go hand-in-hand with your school’s SOL or TCAP curriculum. See under each production to download the free study guide.

Classroom Workshops

Classroom workshops may be scheduled independently or following a performance. Workshops involve young people creating theatre from their own life experiences and are adapted to the age level of the students. We show them how they can do it just like us! Also ask about our actor talkback sessions immediately following performances.


Fees are negotiable, but we think you will find that we charge considerably less than other theatre companies of such professional quality. We strive to be affordable to anyone who desires a Barter Players performance. Further discounts are given for block bookings in your area.

For information on a show or workshop contact Barrett Guyton at 276-619-3347 or e-mail