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Dough and Cookies

Aug 21–26
Barter Stage II

Darlene and Charlene, twin sisters from South Carolina, steal $20.5 million from the Department of Defense through a loophole. What begins as an accident turns into a 7-year fraud that these middle-aged Baptist women justify. Funny and touching, Dough & Cookies is a surprising look at greed, grief and the extraordinary journeys of a wounded heart.

Director's Notes

It’s amazing how we, as humans, have the ability to justify actions that we know are wrong. We’ve all done it in some way or another. We’ve watched celebrities do it, politicians, wives, husbands, children. We convince ourselves that we do something for “the greater good.” Or perhaps because, “I deserve this.”

In Dough and Cookies we see a prime example of self-justification that comes from a very specific need — the need to compensate for a loss. Grief is powerful. It makes us do all sorts of crazy things, behave in ways we don’t recognize. It takes us on a wild ride through the full spectrum of emotions—from laughter to tears and everywhere in between. Much like tonight’s play does.

Darlene and Charlene don’t start out with the idea of stealing $21 million from the Department of Defense. Through a chance clerical error, they find themselves in the middle of it. And then they find all sorts of reasons why it’s okay for them to be doing something they clearly know is wrong.

And while it’s easy to judge people who have done something wrong from a distance, I hope that their story will serve as a reminder that we don’t always know the full story. We don’t know another person’s burden and how they’re trying to bear it. And if it can happen to someone like Darlene—devoted wife, mother, and Sunday school teacher, it can happen to any of us.

Nicholas Piper

Director, Dough and Cookies

Cast & Credits


Darlene Worley:Carrie Smith Lewis

Charlene Caddell:Ashley Campos

David Worley:Andrew Hampton Livingston

Bill Caddell:Michael Poisson

Brother George: Tyler Cramer


Director:Nicholas Piper

Set Designer:Derek Smith

Costume Designer:Antonio Torrez

Lighting Designer:Andrew Morehouse

Sound Designer:Tony Angelini

Stage Manager:Cindi A. Raebel