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Morning After Grace

Feb 7 – Mar 31
Barter's Smith Theatre

“A big-hearted romantic comedy that tackles love, loss, and second chances.”‚Äč

By Carey Crim

Angus and Abigail fall into each other’s lives after meeting at a funeral in Florida. Not the first place you’d expect to find romance after clocking plenty of miles on the road of life, but startling surprises come in unpredictable packages. Strangers just the day before, Abigail thinks she may finally be ready to take another chance on love, but Angus has a few issues to work through first. Enter neighbor Ollie, formerly a baseball player for the Detroit Tigers who now enjoys golf and yoga. Nothing is as it seems with this trio and every disclosure reveals a new perspective. This charming and big-hearted comedy takes us on an unexpected journey toward a new lease on life. Just when they think they’ve got it all figured out, well-traveled people can be rookies when it comes to learning the good stuff. “...a beautiful vignette about life...treated with kindness, humor, and lots of love.”

PLEASE NOTE: This show contains mature language and adult content. Herbal tobacco will be used in this production.

Director's Notes

My mother always said I was like a bull in a china shop. My dance background is not in ballet but clogging. I hopped around on crutches a total of nine times from middle school to college.

Needless to say I have never been described as graceful.

Abigail, Angus, and Ollie probably wouldn’t describe themselves as moving through their latter years with grace. When we first meet them it seems they have made a complete mess of their respective lives. Yet over the course of the play we get to witness each of them make a bold decision. They choose to face extraordinarily difficult moments in their lives by looking them square in the eye.

To honor the truth of a situation equals grace. It can be messy and ugly sometimes but hopefully, as is true for these characters, owning up to our ugly parts — our cowardice, our self-doubt — can reward us with beautiful moments of hilarity. It can reward us with situations which are even more absurd than the one we thought we were experiencing. And when we make it to the other side it can reward us with a new beginning.

I’ll trade that kind of grace for not tripping on the sidewalk any day.

Carrie Smith Lewis

Director, Morning After Grace

Cast & Credits


Director: Carrie Smith Lewis

Scenic Designer: Derek Smith

Costume Designer: Kelly Jenkins

Lighting Designer: Camille Davis

Sound Designer: Tony Angelini

Wig and Makeup Designer: Whitney Kaibel

Fight Consultant: Justin Tyler Lewis

Stage Manager: Sara Douglas

Rehearsal Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria L. Sutton


Angus: Michael Poisson

Abigail: Tricia Matthews

Ollie: Ron Stroman