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Shakespeare's Richard III

Apr 12 – May 5
Barter Stage II

In a Unique Production adapted by Katy Brown

The deceptive and sadistic Richard, Duke of Gloucester, stops at nothing to become King. With intelligence, political brilliance, and dazzling use of language, he keeps his subjects and rivals under his thumb.... you might even start to feel a little pressure yourself. Don’t miss this engaging and refreshing production in an original adaptation by Barter’s Shakespeare expert.

What is new and unique for this production? The Director Katy Brown shares her excitement, “For Richard III, we didn’t want a polite, passive night of theatre— we wanted to give people an experience they’ve never had before. One of the wonderful things about Richard III is how he comes from where we least expect him and how he spends the show wooing the audience, so we are putting the audience in the middle of the action. Much of the audience will sit on stage, and the action will take place all around them and even up in the seats with the rest of the audience. At the Globe in London, the actors often come into the audience area and do entire scenes— this is Shakespeare as it was intended: surprising, visceral, fun and dangerous.”

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Director's Notes

One of the most exciting things about Shakespeare’s take on Richard III is the way it changes: it shifts under your fingers, and it adjusts the way you see. In the midst of so much war between the houses of Lancaster and York, there is finally a moment of peace. Edward, Richard’s brother, has become King, and with a sigh of relief, the world puts down its swords. And then, from the most unexpected place, comes a voice we didn’t even know was there. Richard, who is barely in line for the throne (he has two brothers and two nephews in front of him), who is misshapen inside and out, who is hated even by his mother, who has never been considered in any way before, Richard speaks to us. He enlists us, woos us, and gets us to see the world as he sees it. He wins us and he wins the people around him to his side, and he makes sense of each action he takes to get the crown that he sees as rightfully his. He tells us where to look and what to believe—we are his confidants and his mirror. We are complicit in his every move; we cannot look away, even as his tactics shift darker and darker.

Let me be clear: I’m not after a well-behaved night at the theatre. I’m after something more fun and more liberating than that. I want to put you in the middle of the action and invite the unexpected among us. And if this goes as I hope, you will make friends with Richard, and he will change the way you see and the directions you look. He will unsettle and horrify you. He will make you laugh. And, perhaps, he may allow you see something about yourself and the people we allow to lead us that you hadn’t noticed before. Such is the power of perspective in Richard’s hands and in Shakespeare’s hands. Such is the power of perspective in your hands.

Cast & Credits


Richard the Duke of Gloucester: Andrew Hampton Livingston

Clarence/Buckingham/Richmond/etc: Sean Maximo Campos

Lord Hastings/Lady Anne/Tyrell/Blunt/etc: Kim Morgan Dean

King Edward/Stanley/Duchess of York/Lord Mayor/etc: Tricia Matthews

Queen Elizabeth/Catesby/etc: Paris Bradstreet

Lord Rivers/Prince Edward/Brakenbury/Bishop of Ely/etc: Mary Lucy Bivins

Queen Margaret/York/Ratcliff/etc: Hannah Ingram


Director: Katy Brown

Set Designer: Derek Smith

Costume Designer: Lee Martin

Lighting Designer: Camille Davis

Props Designer: Helen Stratakes

Sounds Designer: Tony Angelini

Fight Choreographer: Sean Maximo Campos

Stage Manager: Sara Douglas


In Memory of Gary Kimbrell by friends


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