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White Christmas

Nov 17 – Dec 30
Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre

Based upon the Paramount Pictures Film
Written for the Screen by Norman Krasna, Norman Panama and Melvin Frank
Music and Lyrics by IRVING BERLIN
Original Stage Production by WALTER BOBBIE
Orchestrations by Larry Blank
Vocal and Dance Arrangement by Bruce Pomahac

A timeless tale of joy and goodwill filled with Irving Berlin’s call songs, topped off with glorious dancing and lots of snow makes this a show a holiday classic for all audiences!

Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” is the story of Bob and Phil, two showbiz buddies putting on a production in a picturesque Vermont inn after World War II. In the bargain, these two meet their perfect mates, who happen to be sisters and honor their beloved army general. Full of romance, laughter and some of the greatest songs ever written, including “Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep,” “Happy Holiday,” “Sisters,” “Blue Skies,” “Snow,” “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing,” and the unforgettable title song, Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.” Promises to be a merry and bright experience for the entire family!

Director's Notes


One of the very special things about Christmas is to be with the ones you love. But what happens if the ones you love are not able to be with you, or you are not able to be with them?

Irving Berlin wrote the song “White Christmas” some time around 1940, prior to America’s involvement in World War II, which officially began with a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The story goes that Berlin told his secretary, “I just wrote the best song I’ve ever written – heck, I just wrote the best song that anybody’s ever written.”

The song, recorded by Bing Crosby in 1941, was not an instant hit, but was overshadowed in popularity by another song from the movie of Holiday Inn “Be Careful, It’s my Heart,” which was sung by Frank Sinatra. But by Christmas of 1942, with the troops away fighting the war, “White Christmas” became a favorite and went on to become one of the largest selling singles in history, selling more than 100 million copies. Many were missing their loved ones. They longed for a simpler time and memories of the essence of spending time with family and sharing the joy of life together.

The movie of White Christmas, which was intended to be filmed and completed during the Korean War, was put of for several years due to illnesses and other difficulties with the casting of the film. It was meant to, once again, capture the spirit of America that desired to be united with the ones they loved and share the simple joys of life.

In the end, White Christmas is a love story; a story about finding love and a story about the love of a group of men for the man who lead them, protected them and motivated them to succeed.

With that spirit – the desire to be with the ones you love and the longing to share the simple joys of life – we dedicate our production to all of those service men and women who are away from their loved ones this Christmas defending our country so that we may enjoy Christmas with our loved ones. We honor their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families that makes the joy of our holiday season possible. We are truly grateful for all they have given to us.

Richard Rose, Director, White Christmas

Cast & Credits

(In order of appearance)

Ralph Sheldrake:David Alford
Bob Wallace: Sean Maximo Campos
​Phil Davis: Josh Levinson
General Henry Waverly: Rick McVey
TV Announcer: Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Rita: Annie Simpson
Rhoda: Leah Nicoll
​Eddie Tessie: Nick Koesters
JudyHaynes: Sarah Laughland
​Betty Haynes:Hannah Ingram
Cigarette Girl: Megan Tatum
Jimmy: Justin Tyler Lewis
Waiter: Joe Veale
Conductor: Nick Koesters
Snoring Man: David Alford
Mrs. Snoring Man:Andrew Hampton Livingston
Martha Watson: Paris Bradstreet
Susan Waverly: Tillie Sells* / Olivia May Stevens*
Ezekiel: Nick Koesters
​Mike: Justin Tyler Lewis
Scooter: Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Gloria: Jenna Haimes
​Loretta: Megan Tatum
Marty: Andrew Hampton Livingston
Mark: Joe Veale
Sheldrake's Secretary: Jenna Haimes
Club Announcer: Nick Koesters
GIs, Passengers, Off-stage Singers, Guests, Dancers, Club Patrons, Chorus Members, etc.:David Alford, Jenna Haimes, Zacchaeus Kimbrell, Nick Koesters, Justin Tyler Lewis, Andrew Hampton Livingston, Leah Nicoll, Annie Simpson, Megan Tatum

*These actors will perform in various rotations; please see the Actor Lobby Board for which actor is performing.


Director:Richard Rose
Choreographer:Amanda Aldridge
Music Director: Lee Harris
Set Designer:Hana Lee
Costume Designer: Amanda Aldridge
Lighting Designer: Andrew Morehouse
Sound Designer: Tony Angelini
Assistant to the Choreographer: Annie Simpson
​Dance Captain: Sean Maximo Campos
Tap Choreography for "I Love a Piano": Andrew Hampton Livingston
Assistant Stage Manager: Victoria L. Sutton
​Stage Manager: Cindi A. Raebel

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